About us

PFL Nidhi Limited

PFL Nidhi is Public Limited Company formulated with the primary object to carry on the business of accepting deposits and lending money to member-borrowers only against jewels, mortgage loan of immovable property and Deposits receipts.

About PFL

PFL Nidhi was founded in 2019 as a public limited company. We are a mutual benefit company where only members can transact business. PFL Nidhi can be defined as a company By Members, For the Members and To the Members. Our primary goals are to promote the savings and utilisation of funds by its members and to safeguard the financial conditions of its members. With the use of services like savings accounts, daily deposits, recurring deposits, and fixed deposits, we give our members a platform to invest in their future. In contrast to a bank, we offer our members attractive and exclusive interest rates on deposits. To meet their financial needs, we also provide loans for our members on property and automobiles. Additionally, the Government of India's Ministry of Corporate Affairs continuously oversees and regulates how our company conducts its operations, ensuring the security and safety of both our company and its members.


Our Mission

Our goal is to offer affordable financial services throughout India, from the most remote to the most urban areas. When it comes to finding financial assistance, we think those living in rural areas and small cities struggle the most. We therefore want to assist them in achieving their goals and aspirations while providing a more secure financial future. PFL Nidhi distinguishes itself from other businesses with its list of values, which includes a homage to superior customer service, the highest level of transparency, and efficiency using user-friendly technologies. We also emphasise on supporting employees so that the people inside the organisation can be in the best position to support their customers.


Our Vision

" Our vision is to establish a community where everyone receives unrestricted financial assistance. "